Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Quilt!

Ladies and gentleman, I think I'm officially hooked on quilting! My lessons with Pam have continued and I'm now ready to put my quilt together. Last night we practiced by making a miniature quilt in the form of a pot holder! Ta-da!

We used some of Pam's leftover fabric scraps and some special batting that is actually heat resistant, specially for hot pads. I started by pinning all three pieces together (top, batting, and bottom). Then I stitched around the perimeter using a special "walking" foot on the sewing machine.  It's used for quilting because you typically have multiple layers of thicker fabrics.  Then I proceeded to quilt across the pad.  I used a simple vertical line, but you can really go crazy here and stitch however you want. Finally, I put the binding around the edge.  

Repeating this for the entire quilt will be a more time consuming task, but it's a great feeling knowing that these are the last steps and I will have a completed quilt! I've already been searching out my next project on Pinterest.  Better not get ahead of myself! Stay tuned for a final post featuring my finished t-shirt quilt!


  1. I so admire that you are learning how to quilt! It seems like a very daunting task to me. I can't wait to see how your quilt turns out!

  2. Mal, I thought the same thing until I actually started doing it! I don't think I'll ever be an advanced quilter but if you can master some basic sewing skills, you can handle it! I would love to do something like the butterfly quilt your fam made! Do you have pics of it?


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