Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review and Resolutions

As 2011 rolled in, it was hard to believe that it would be able to top 2010, the year Marcus and I got married.  To be honest, I'm not sure any day can top our wedding day (until we have kids) but I do know that every year with Marcus just keeps getting better and better!

Our year started off with my transition into full-time employment. What a blessing! I love where I work and I'm so privileged to be a part of the Blood:Water Mission family.


We returned to the scene of our engagement...

Alki Beach in Seattle
 And welcomed our beautiful niece, Clare Isabella!

We also welcomed a new addition to our little family!

Maximus Womack 
Look how much I've grown!

Marcus finished his second year of seminary and started his third, with a trip to England in between.

High Five, John Wesley!
 We celebrated lots of weddings...

The Pitcocks!
The Litzlers! 
The Rigdons!

The Robinsons!
The Zeisigs!
...and the first anniversary of our own wedding!
One year!
We went to Disney World...

...and marked U2 and Martina McBride off our concert bucket lists!

I made my first quilt...

...and my second!

All these things are just wonderful reminders of the blessings God has given us, and as I look ahead to 2012, I know it will bring many more blessings.  I can't wait to see how our story continues to unfold.  I'm usually pretty bad at coming up with resolutions, but I do have a few things I'd like to accomplish this year.

1. Get back into the routine of exercising at the Y. This was a resolution last year, and it lasted for a solid nine months. I was pretty proud of us! I want to do better this year, and that may mean I have to give up some things to be better disciplined about staying active!

2. Start a routine of cleaning and maintaining our house. I'm SO bad at this right now. I rarely have any motivation to clean the house, yet I constantly feel frustrated at the state it's usually in.  I really want to be better about this and if you have any suggestions, I'll gladly take them!

3. Spend more time in prayer. Starting this one now with Stormie O'Martian's "The Power of a Praying Wife" devotional.  I can't wait to go through this book and hopefully share it with you!

4. Create a bucket list for Nashville.  Knowing that there is a chance that we'll move back to Texas at some point after Marcus graduates, our time in Nashville is likely becoming more limited. There are several places to go and things to do here, as well as places to visit nearby. Time to write them all down and start checking them off!

I could probably go on, but I think this is a good start. Don't want to get overwhelmed before I even start!

Thanks for letting me share our life with you!

Wish you were here!
The Womacks


  1. Those are some great goals Lyss! Let's start marking some of those Nashville things off!

  2. A few things (you know how I like lists): 1. You are so talented. I love the quit! 2. I loooove the shirt you are wearing at Christmas at Nunna's. Where did you get it? 3. Is that devotional good? I am looking for a new one to start the year with. and most importantly, 4. I miss you. tons.

  3. Ashley- I definitely need to go to Radnor Lake and the public library to start!

    Megan- Thanks! It's actually a sweater but it's from Old Navy. I got it in November but you can maybe find it on sale or online. Fun fact- I'm wearing it today. :) And I've only done two days of the devotional but it is good so far. I'm curious how it differs from the original book. And of course, I miss you too! TONS!


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