Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Remember the time I said I was going to join up with Megan for Thankful Thursdays and then I totally flaked? Well here I am this week, with a whole hour (eight minutes by the time I finished this) to spare!

Today I am thankful for this little piggy:

My co-worker, Kellie, stumbled upon this little guy at a cute boutique in Chattanooga. You can't tell by the picture but he only has three legs! He is a good-luck pig, an old tradition from Chile. Kellie and I shared an office for a while, and bonded over our love of cheesy 80's love jams and bacon. It didn't take long for my (not-so)-secret affinity of pigs to come out.  I've been collecting pigs since about 7th grade- it's seriously embarrassing to walk into my room and see all the pigs everywhere.  I took a few really special ones with me to college and now I only have some favorites in our house. It's fun to add some new ones to the collection every once in a while that I can incorporate into our home decor. Like this little vintage pot holder that I snagged at a garage sale last week.

You're probably wondering what any of this has to do with Thankful Thursday. I'll get to the point now. Yes, I'm thankful for these little piggies, but more importantly, I'm thankful for the stories behind them. I'm incredibly blessed to work with such fun, smart, and thoughtful people.  Aside from the little surprises, I'm thankful that I can truly consider my co-workers friends. We teach each other to quilt, and baby-sit each others' kids, and watch Conan together, and go to happy hour.  We are more than just employees of Blood:Water Mission, we are a family. And wherever I go from here, three-legged good luck pig will always remind me of my first job and the amazing people I was blessed to work with.

Other things I'm thankful for: my patient hubby who lets me drag him to garage sales and the like to find little treasures like the aforementioned pot holder. And this guy:

Don't let him fool you- he's only like this 30% of the time.
What are you thankful for today?


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