Sunday, April 10, 2011

My First DIY Project!

I'll start by saying that I love our house.  It is small but cozy, old but updated.  We were very fortunate to have an awesome landlord who did some great work on the inside of our house such as adding crown molding throughout and carpet in our bedroom before we moved in (the outside landscaping is another story).  Because we are renters, there is only so much we're able to do around the house. But my recent addiction to HGTV has me inspired to do some small things to make our house more like our home.  I've spent many hours watching shows and following DIY blogs, and this weekend, I decided to take action.

And so, without further ado, I present to you our bathroom cabinets!

Notice the (not so) lovely leaf knobs.  I've stared at them for months and my dislike for them has grown in intensity over the past almost year that we've lived here.  With a free Saturday and a lingering gift card from the wedding, Marcus and I made our way to Lowe's to pick out some replacements.  It didn't take long to pick them out.  We mulled over some different options for a few minutes and quickly decided these were the ones for us.

We like the fact that the oil rubbed bronze that matches most of the accessories we already have in the bathroom.  They are simple and classic, which appealed to Marcus, and at a little less than $3 a pop, they didn't hurt our pocketbook, err...giftcard balance.  With such a small bathroom, there were only five knobs to replace.  After a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings (and Ross, Best Buy, Marshall's, Old Navy, and PetSmart) we headed home to try them out.  They were so simple, I was able to switch them out myself. Only a phillips head screwdriver was needed to unscrew the old ones and screw the new ones in place.  The whole thing took about fifteen minutes.  

And voila! Here is the finished project:

I'm so pleased with the result.  It's not a huge change, but it makes me feel so much better having made the change (and it's easily reversible when we move out).  First DIY project=success!! Have you done any small projects around the house that made a big difference?  I'd love some more ideas and tips that made them successful.

PS Contrary to what the picture shows, Max was of no help to me during this project. BUT he stayed mostly out of the way. :)

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  1. Love the new knobs!! We've only lived in an apartment so all I've done is hang wall art...but it helps! :)


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