Friday, March 9, 2012

Married to the Ministry

When I pictured my life as a kid and a teenager, even as a college student until Marcus and I started dating, I never imagined I would marry someone in the ministry. I'm not sure why, it just never occurred to me that that might happen.

Yet here I am, nearly two years into a marriage to the love of my life and wouldn't you know it? My husband is preparing to go into full-time ministry.  If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that God always has a way of changing your dreams for the better.

Being married to a seminary student is one of the hardest things I've done. But everyday, I'm so very proud of my husband and the commitment he has made to the Lord. It is not fun to deal with his ever-changing schedule and his late hours at the library, but I am constantly reminded that this is just for a season and soon enough (December!!) he will be done.  And then we'll continue the odd hours of weeknight church activities and the seemingly never-ending process of ordination in the United Methodist Church. ;)

Despite the trials of being married to a minister, there have been just as many blessings.  Marcus has a great job as a youth ministry intern that has not only provided scholarships for seminary, but wonderful friends and invaluable experience.

The life of a minister (and his wife) can be uncertain.  We're not sure where God will send us when Marcus graduates. But I know that I wouldn't change a thing about the life God has chosen for me. He continues to amaze, surprise, teach, and provide for me, and that is all I could ever ask for in marriage and in life.

Marcus and me after he preached at our church.

Today I'm linking up with other ministry wives at Kelly's Korner. If you're a minister or married to one, you should join us!


  1. Super nice to me you! I'm stopping by from Kelly's link up. I hope to add my link over there later today....=)
    Ministry life is certainly uncertain. But it is good to be in ministry.

  2. Hi Alyssa! Glad you found my blog and I'm glad I found yours! Will Marcus be ordained in the North Texas Conference? It's good to know another young clergy couple!

    Being married to someone in seminary/grad school is tough - I was going to bed at 9:30 and waking up at 5:30, Daniel was staying up to study until 2am and sleeping in until 11! It was an unusual way to start married life!! Now I can say that Daniel has a great, flexible schedule - we see each other all the time - and the 'crazy' hours at the church aren't all that 'crazy'... blessings to you both!! :)

    1. Yes, Marcus is being ordained in the North TX conference. He grew up near Dallas and I'm from a small town in East Texas, so we are excited about eventually being back in Texas! Glad to hear about the flexible schedule!

  3. Two of my uncles are pastors and my grandfather is a retired pastor! I can totally relate to a lot of things you wrote about! I always thought I'd never marry a seminary student but then again, God may have different plans for me! :)


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