Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Summer 2011 is officially in full force! The Womacks (mostly Marcus) have been on the go for the past month and are ready for more!

Summer started with Marcus traveling to England for a school trip! Marcus spent several days in class in Salisbury, and visited Oxford, Bristol, Stonehenge and London. He returned with a wonderfully tacky William and Kate umbrella for his royally obsessed wife.

While he was gone, I spent a fabulous weekend with these two lovely ladies:
Learn more about that trip on Leisha's blog here.

As soon as Marcus got home, we headed off to Texas to celebrate with some dear friends who were tying the knot!

Meet the Pitcocks:
and the Litzlers (off to Hawaii!):

We were so blessed to be a part of these amazing celebrations! The weekend was extra special for us as we celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  After the weddings, we headed back to Nashville, but not without a couple days at the beach! The road trip continued with a pit stop in Baton Rouge to see this pretty girl...
...(and the Kappa Delta house at LSU!!)...
...and finally arrived at the fancy schmancy Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi!

We spent one glorious day at the beach, stuffed ourselves with delicious seafood, and of course, squeezed in a quick stop the outlet mall!

It was so nice to have some time to ourselves and celebrate the past year. What an incredible year it has been! Yes, there have been trials and lessons learned, but it has been full of the Lord's goodness. I am so thankful for a husband who puts God first and loves his family (and me) unconditionally. As my parents celebrate their 30th anniversary tomorrow, I think about the next 30 years with Marcus and am so excited for the journey ahead. 

For gifts, we decided to make each other something, but to give the traditional first anniversary gift of paper.  Marcus made me a sweet photo album with his favorite pictures of us. He also cheated a little and gave me a beautiful necklace he picked out in London. I guess I also cheated a little- I painted a canvas for Marcus, which technically isn't paper, but it's close enough, right? It was my first time making anything like this, and I was really happy with how it turned out!

The words are from one of our favorite songs, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You."

Before I go, I have to give a shout out to the other man in my life, my amazing daddy.
I love being your Sweet Baby Girl! Happy Father's Day!


  1. I love your artwork! Very pretty!

  2. So it seems that david and I gave each other pretty much the exact gifts y'all gave each other lol. Good minds think alike i guess?

  3. What a fun summer you are having! And I love the artwork. :)


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