Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Contest for My Friends

So, I started this blog and have had a hard time finding motivation for another post.  I will be posting pictures of our house soon, but in the mean time, want to ask you a favor (all 3 of you who might read this, ha!).  Two of my friends from college are finalists in a contest in which they can win a trip to California and $10,000 toward their dream wedding.  Please, if you have some time, vote for them and tell all your friends!  They are the only finalists from Texas, so I think that should be reason enough to vote for them, but besides that, they are really great people and they really deserve to win!

Just click on the link and enter your e-mail address to vote for JOHN and STEFANIE- you won't receive any mail from them other than one in which you confirm your vote.  You have until August 8th to vote and post the link on your blog, fb, etc! Thanks!!

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